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Beep Beep Gallery
The Selah Center seeks to support local artists and local expressions of creativity. Beep Beep Gallery's website offers information about local artists and their art and music shows in the Atlanta area. Our most recent joint art showings featured the work of Jay Davis. His show was entitled, "The End of Irony & The Beginning of Sincerity," and it began on October 3 in The Loft at DHBC. Our other showing featured the work of Terresa Ford. Her show was entitled, "Compassion," and it began on November 1 in the Loft at DHBC.



Religious Life at Emory University

The Selah Center is honored to participate with the Religious Life Center at Emory University. Through our website, we will share information about what is going on with religious life at Emory so our community will be able to participate in their events.The students at Emory will also be able to participate in events at the Selah Center. Events such as Contemplative Time at both locations, the Inter-Religious Council, and Cafe Unity are some examples of the opportunities offered at Emory. We hope you will take advantage of these wonderful opportunities for inter-faith relations and spiritual growth. View our calendars for more information about upcoming events.



Northumbria Community
We seek to practice and participate in the vulnerability and hospitality of a new monasticism. Please follow this link to the Northumbria Community and select the tab "Pray the Office" to participate with us in the daily reading of Scripture and contemplative prayer in order to bring focus and intentionality to our days together. We may be separated by time and space, but our minds and spirits remain one in communal monastic practices through the offering of love and charity to ourselves and those around us.

Mesothelioma and Asbestos Awareness Center
The Selah Center exists to offer its spaces to those seeking further growth and development on their spiritual journey. One way we participate in this opportunity is to journey together with those struggling with mesothelioma when facing emotional, physical, and spiritual pain and crises. The Selah Center is currently a partner of the Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center, and we are working together to offer a safe place of rest and reflection for those with mesothelioma who are facing difficult questions. We hope to partner together in order to begin a process of healing and wholeness with those on this difficult path. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome in this place.

Bhakti Messenger

The Selah Center is excited to partner with Bhakti Messenger in our further efforts to foster healthy inter-faith relations through peace, hospitality, and openness. Bhakti Messenger is a group of professional musicians and spiritual seekers who have made it their mission to bring the powerful and compassionate practice of kirtan to as many people as they can for the purpose of increasing the level of peace and love in the world. The band provides musical accompaniment and leads chanting in a style that combines the best aspects of both Eastern and Western, with instruments as diverse as the harmonium, the banjo, djembe and dumbek drums, acoustic and slide guitars, and the kartals (Indian hand cymbals). Next concert is May 8th at 7:30pm.



Please note that many classes and events offered at the Selah Center are considered inter-faith events. All are welcome who wish to gain a deeper understanding of other faith expressions as well as offer their own perspective during the different classes and events. Through open inter-faith dialogue, we hope that all who participate will gain insight into the rich spiritual traditions of other faiths. We hope anyone who attends classes and events offered at the Selah Center will come with an open heart and mind and a sense of hospitality and friendship towards one another. By learning from each other, we hope the lessons from each faith tradition will offer enrichment and insight into our individual and communal spiritual paths.

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