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Selah Center

BeepBeepGallery – We are currently partnering with the BeepBeepGallery to bring local artist’s paintings, sculptures, and quiltings to the community. We are happy to periodically showcase pieces in the church, and annually partner with BeepBeepGallery on the arts and music festival, Artlantis.

Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre - Currently taking up residence in the Theatre of DHBC and the Selah Center, the Pinch 'n' Ouch theatre has begun performing plays and holds acting classes throughout the year. Their mission: "To advance the vitality and diversity of American theatre by nurturing artists, encouraging repeatable creative relationships, and offering patrons the gift of engaging storytelling that meets them where they are today. Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre preserves an ethic of mutual respect for collaboartive works that are derived from a sense of truth". Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre has been named one of the top theatrical groups to keep an eye on.

Artists - In addition to showcasing the work of others, we have also opened our spaces as workplaces for artists. Currently we are housing a number of artists throughout the year and are always interested in fostering a relationship with the local arts community.

Theater Productions – Please contact us if you are interested in renting our Theatre Underground at DHBC for rehearsals, concerts, theater productions, or poetry readings.

The Selah Center is always seeking to partner with local artists and musicians and support them with the use of our space. We have a fully functioning black box theater as well as several spaces that are ideal for showing artwork. We are open to any and all artistic expressions through art, music, spoken word, and any other ways you may express yourself. For more information on booking space for shows or rehearsals, please contact Jim Wright at jim.wright@dhbc.org.

Please note that many classes and events offered at the Selah Center are considered inter-faith events. All are welcome who wish to gain a deeper understanding of other faith expressions as well as offer their own perspective during the different classes and events. Through open inter-faith dialogue, we hope that all who participate will gain insight into the rich spiritual traditions of other faiths. We hope anyone who attends classes and events offered at the Selah Center will come with an open heart and mind and a sense of hospitality and friendship towards one another. By learning from each other, we hope the lessons from each faith tradition will offer enrichment and insight into our individual and communal spiritual paths.

Selah Center