Druid Hills Baptist Church | Atlanta, GA
Selah Center

Religious Life at Emory: Participate in Thursday Contemplative Time from 5:30-7:30 where you are invited to explore a range of chanting and meditative practices from various religious traditions. Join Monday Night Open Meetings where various matters of faith are discussed across traditions. The next meetings occur on March 1 and April 5. Also join in exploring poems and songs centered around humanitarian issues at Cafe Unity. The next meetings occur on February 18, March 18, and April 22. For more information and directions, visit www.religiouslife.emory.edu/chapel/trumba_calendar.cfm.
Labyrinth Walking: We will offer a labyrinth walk at times such as during the observance of Advent and Lent. The labyrinth will be available in The Loft or the Theatre Underground at DHBC.
Special Services: As an experimental Christian community, we are firmly rooted in the traditions and practices that are distinctly Christian in expression. As such, we hold special services for Ash Wednesday, Lenten meditation, and Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday. These services will be offered in The Loft at DHBC.
Special Topics Workshops: These workshops meet on various days throughout the year and will be posted on our calendar. The workshops will cover a wide range of topics from Zen meditation to the history and practice of Christian labyrinth walking. These workshops will meet in The Loft or the Theatre Underground at DHBC.

For more information about us or any of our Communal Expressions, please contact Jim Wright, Facilities Director of the Druid Hills Baptist Church, at jim.wright@dhbc.org. Please check our calendar for upcoming events.

Please note that many classes and events offered at the Selah Center are considered inter-faith events. All are welcome who wish to gain a deeper understanding of other faith expressions as well as offer their own perspective during the different classes and events. Through open inter-faith dialogue, we hope that all who participate will gain insight into the rich spiritual traditions of other faiths. We hope anyone who attends classes and events offered at the Selah Center will come with an open heart and mind and a sense of hospitality and friendship towards one another. By learning from each other, we hope the lessons from each faith tradition will offer enrichment and insight into our individual and communal spiritual paths.

Selah Center